Good Day!

I've got a photostudio site running on the Wordpress. It's possess a blog and a lot of static pages. In blog we publish some news and also the static pages consists of information on our services.

We've idea to include some relevant Web addresses from your blog to individuals static pages. The hyperlinks could be acquired from your blog by Wordpress Related Posts wordpress plugin.

Example page layout:

<Some static text about reporting service>

<URL to post about reporting>
<URL to post about mobile photo equipment etc>

My questions are:

  • Performs this method seem sensible for adding some "live" for any static pages?
  • How this is look in the search bots perspective?
  • Could be mtss is a some type of content duplication?

Interesting help!

Just in case someone interested, this is a URL for that site:

Unless of course you're constantly upgrading the posts that you would like to connect to in the static pages, you may as well just go into the Web addresses into the static page's HTML instead of depend around the Related Posts wordpress plugin to develop the right posts.

In my opinion the attached Posts wordpress plugin is not exceptional at finding the right matches also it seems like you realize which posts should be linked which static pages so simply editing the HTML it most likely better (and simpler).

From the internet search engine perspective this really is fine - you're simply connecting in one page to a different.

You'd have only a replica content problem should you really displayed your post's content in your static page, that we don't believe you're thinking about doing. Should you just display a hyperlink towards the publish then there's no duplication.

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