I'm wondering if there's something such as Wordpress stats or maybe I'm able to make use of the Wordpress stats engine on the regular site (which doesn't use Wordpress). I like the interface from the stats and although I've Google Statistics installed, I see myself at ease with the WordPress stats engine.

Are you able to suggest me a great choice. I'd like a kind of real-time statistics generator of sorts.

Appreciate your time and effort.

Whenever you say "regular site", would you mean a website with static pages, or pages offered from the different Cms?

The main reason you need to differentiate between static &lifier dynamic is the fact that dynamic webpages are made as-needed (or offered from the cache), as WordPress does. Within this situation, the Content management systems can hook a stats package into that event because the page is made, and also the stats package can perform its factor.

Static pages don't genuinely have that same server-side processing, so you are kind of restricted to the occasions tossed off through the web server itself, or JavaScript-based monitoring like Google Statistics. You will find other JavaScript "engines" like this available -- most of them associated with site promotion systems like Yahoo!'s MyBlogLog.

If you wish to report from the server logs, you need to have the ability to find a big selection by searching "IIS stats package" or "apache stats package", or something like that similar. That one sprang right on the top both lists:


Here you decide to go - the wordpress.com stats wordpress plugin for wordpress.org sites: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/stats/