I've got a strange problem happening. I've my primary site (mesopinions.ca), it is a wordpress installation. I in addition have a handful of subdomains, using their own wordpress installation (no multisite). It's working great with concours.mesopinions.ca subfolder, however with this brand new one it isn't working : partymom.mesopinions.ca

I'm able to achieve it, it's fine. But after a little seconds (after a little page loads), bam, I recieve the primary site (mesopinions.ca) rather than that subdomain (the url continues to be good within the address bar, however the screen is showing another site).

Attempted clearing the cache, multiple browsers/computers, re-installing wordpress, altering the subdomain to a different subfolder as well as testing another wordpress styles. Htaccess file been reseted towards the wordpress default. Still doing the work.

As anybody ever endured this ? I am frustrated since i have cannot discover the response to this.

Appears such as the htaccess from another subdirectory is leading to this. Unsure why, because it shouldn't even can get on. I removed the htaccess file also it appears better.