I'm a Wordpress Theme Developer (Freelance worker) and that i make approximately 1-2 Styles / Week and so i require a Magic formula to achieve this.

Good examples:

  • I personally use twentyten each time, remove the functions which i have no need for, the CSS, images etc. I kinda allow it to "naked". (Not really a magic formula, perhaps a personal framework?)
  • I look for Wordpress functions (since i have can't remember these), on Wordpress Codex and again, not really a magic formula. So, do everyone believe that an individual Function DB could be suitable for me?
  • And much more other things which i can't remember at this time.

How can everyone organize your workspace?

When the styles you are making are fairly similar, you might like to create that "naked" version and that as the base for future work.

I have produced a number of styles myself and that i adopted the same approach. I take that base theme and make new versions from the particular files that should be personalized.

However, in case your styles vary a great deal in form and performance (as being a freelance worker, I am certain they are doing), you might still are thinking about creating a library of functions and stylesheets instead of re-applying everything for every project. Even when this means creating functions that call single Wordpress functions with default values, whether it streamlines your workflow then its worth the minor overhead.

I believe it's actually a few personal preference, what matches your needs, what's memorable, why is sense for you, etc. If you want beginning having a removed TwentyTen theme, then take that theme in general, strip it of all things you wouldn't want, after which use that as the beginning point for every theme you build. Certain functions that you are using again and again, you can simply devote the functions.php file, within the theme folder. Then, no matter which functions you finish up requiring for your specific theme exist, and also the relaxation of these you are able to remove once you have built the theme.

First, it might be helpful to build up your personal theme like a beginning point. Ripping stuff from twentyten is actually inefficient. Should you develop one which has all you need, that you can do the 2nd step:

Use child styles. A young child theme could keep parents untouched and also you just alter the things you need to differ and give a new stylesheet. A large benefit is it only includes the stuff that's specific compared to that site. The generic stuff stays within the parent theme. Also you will find the advantage of upgrading parents easily and adding upgrades across multiple sites rapidly.

A great beginning point may be to test among the frameworks like Thematic.

Also have a look at Automattic's toolbox theme. Twentyten is type of untidy and bulky. Toolbox is really intended to be used a lot more like you're using Twentyten.