I simply acquired a customer attempting to integrate an outlet locator into his site. I believed this is simple since he's using wordpress 3+, but his previous developer did a genuine hack job of creating the website as well as for reasons unknown, it shows all shortcodes as text, as opposed to the wordpress plugin. I have mix checked using the 2010 theme to make sure that the theme was indeed the issue.

I am still a newcomer to wordpress and I am unsure which area of the theme is leading to the shortcode problem. I figured it could actually be since it is all with different table layout and wordpress might be using all content inside the table as text unless of course it is a defined html tag. However, I am not sure.

If anybody has any tips on how to fix this problem, it might be greatly appreciated.

I have been searching all to understand why it isn't working. A minimum of I've it simplified lower towards the theme.

Here's the url: