I've got a Wordpress site (www.nurseresumetips.com) and I am utilizing a theme named JVPress. This theme allows you to definitely upload a custom header graphic. Should you open the page in Opera the header graphic shows, however, if I open it up in Ie 8 the look isn't found.

The hyperlink that Wordpress is producing is: http://www.nurseresumetips.com/wp-content/uploads/20110419033853_nrt.jpg

This link works in Opera although not in Ie.

Among the finest to understand if anybody could point me within the right direction.


Getting looked around, I believe you might be stumbling over a problem like this, where your JPEG is encoded inside a slightly odd format. Appears like CMYK is recognized like a format by some browsers, although not others.

Based on your software, you may have the ability to discover a way of saving inside a more usual colour encoding -- in Illustrator, for instance, try the particular "save for web" option.

Because of the content of the image, I'd really suggest saving the file like a PNG, anyway. JPEG is the best for photo taking images for textual images like that one, PNG will most likely (a) become more efficient, (b) look better -- no encoding artefacts round the nice solid lines you've, and (c) not have access to this odd problem you are facing.