I have been looking to get this working again and also have basically quit.

Last evening I upgraded the theme on my small Wordpress site and along the way lost the code for that Facebook comments wordpress plugin.

After I re-placed the code, no previous surveys are turning up.

Searching in the Comments Moderator on Facebook, I can tell your comments ought to. I have attempted placing the application ID in to the meta mind, but no luck doing that either. The creation of the Web coding implies that the Wordpress permalink is correct.

I am not utilizing a wordpress plugin, just hard coded the provided code from Facebook.

It is possible to trick to carrying this out? Help!

The technique to revive comments in Comments Social wordpress plugin may depend:

  • Remember when you are getting the code for comments wordpress plugin utilized in your previous theme?
  • Have you got any backup of previous theme with comments integrated?
  • Which version of comments wordpress plugin you used XFBML/IFRAME/HTML5?

P.S. I had been fast enough to determine the hyperlink you provided in comment to question to consider supply of page before you decide to took it off. Maybe it's wise to supply link so others look and provide more points and help...

The only real difference I notice is definitely an empty data-href attribute in older version of the site (based on version cached by Google from 16-19 November.) and completed more recent, once empty Facebook Comments social wordpress plugin attempts to guess the href from page url.