Hello there I'm realtively a new comer to wordpress so please bare with, I'm developing a custom theme, and to date it's going ok,

I current have index.php, header.php, footer.php and sidebar.php I've now hit a little that's been puzzling me for a few days. Home page includes a slightly different layout with other pages, how do you theme for your change?

This site is basically composed, of 'static' pages and a pair of posts pages, so what can I actually do to ensure that the home page looks dissimilar to another pages?


Produce a page template known as home.php. WordPress uses it instantly for that start page. Example:

 * Template Name: Home

// Do your regular page.php stuff


See even the codex page an Conditional Tags.

You should utilize the built-in functions from wordpress such out of the box_home() and it is_front_page().

Conditional Tags