I´m getting, in insufficient better words, a hell of the time discovering using a picture as thumbnail on my small wordpress site.

Things I want, is really a thumbnail on my small index.php and the other, or bigger repesentation from the image on my small single.php. The issue using the thumb, is it isn't exhibiting inside a correct scale.

All I´ve become to date, may be the featured image, but this doesn't act as I would like it to.

Take a look at what I´ve become to date, also it might give an ide as to the I want.

http://petterstensig.com/ bear in mind I'm quite a new comer to wordpress..

Can you really upload two differnt images, one thumb and something large?

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated:)

True. Things I require is to scale the thumb properly. As you can see, the thumb isn't viewing when i need it. – Hyperpedro

Okay awesome, thats an easy situation of setting the thumbnail size.

So in functions.php add:

set_post_thumbnail_size( 50, 50, true );

This can crop the look towards the size you specify.

Also look at this good tutorial.