I'm running Wordpress 3.1 on Ubuntu. I'm while using uBillboard photo slider wordpress plugin which utilizes timthumb.php to re-size the photos. Occasionally, the photo slider does not load and dangles around the progress bar. (See screenshot 1)

timthumb.php fails to load

The permissions are:

/wordpress-content/plug ins/uBillboard/ - 755

/wordpress-content/plug ins/uBillboard/timthumb.php - 644

/wordpress-content/plug ins/uBillboard/cache - 777

I haven't any relevant errors during my apache error logs.

Safari's inspector shows Unsuccessful to load errors. (See Screenshot 2).

Failed to load

However, After I click the timthumb.php link in Inspector, the hyperlinks work fine. The hyperlinks are:


I don't know the are neglecting to load, once they work fine basically access the hyperlink directly. I suspect it has something related to Wordpress's url spinning?