Wordpress theme twenty-eleven. I've twisted myself right into a little mystery. Pardon for poss. stupid question.

Something within the header is changing the positioning/height of my h1 on some pages. Note the main difference tall within the index and - say - fuel Index: http://qfsltd.no/

It's not an problem of page versus publish-that contains-pages. I'd it working for some time, however mysterious issue is back. It appears to become over the header, right up at the very top, however i cannot "get hold" of the items div (?) it's creating the problem.

I merely cannot decipher it, and also have attempted millions of things. Any hints much appreciated.

The issue is using the body class is override some rules in certain situation, for instance, line 33

body, body.blog, body.page-id-11, body.page-id-67 

remove the road for line-height and you'll begin to see the diference