I've got a blog, that's update pretty frequently. I love, while on the path to have the ability to use my rim or any eepc to organize my publish, evaluate it, and send and email to somewhere which will have the ability to update my blog

three solution come in my opinion

  1. offline blog, edit and resync when return (not super good)
  2. send email, update blog with rim
  3. write text doc, send it by email and by hand copy-paste in new publish after return

I love not have a listing of all of the possible solution, however the best working solution you have use/try to like...

I personally use wordpress 2.6



Note just like boj note, I uncover the already there feature incorporated in wordpress... however i like my publish to stay in a Drafts condition, because several photos and then editing is going to be done, but the majority of the publish will already there

I've discovered that list. Just like Weblog Client stated, there's a a lot of software to achieve that, i similar to the Right One !

Post to your blog using email.

WordPress could be set up to make use of e-mail to publish to some blog. Make it possible for this functionality, you have to:

  • Produce a devoted e-mail account for use exclusively for posting for your blog,

  • Configure WordPress to gain access to that account, and

  • Configure WordPress to write messages in the e-mail account