im developing a own wordpress plugin for wordpress where i must view some data.

now i wish to make use of the wordpress default table view to show my data, and provide some functionality into it

default table: default table view

it is possible to method to make use of this table view for my very own plug ins (some classes or functions) or must i create such like on my own?

I do not believe there's a built "WordPress table view" function. I understand somebody that uses this same layout in a single of his plug ins and that he simply replicated the origin code and than made edits where essential for producing the tables cells etc..

There's a WordPress class (Wordpress_List_Table) included in the API to attain these tables recorded at

You have to extend the course to supply your personal data and while not well recorded at this URL you may also use sights to filter the information (as utilized in the comment admin page to exhibit All, Pending, approved, Junk e-mail and Trash).