I have produced an HTML page included in this site which I must use like a template for news articles. The page has everything it requires, it simply must display the right news article inside it. I installed WordPress on my small webserver and today question the way i might have wordpress publish articles using my HTML page? Is even possible since WordPress works together with php? thanks

What you're speaking about is styles. Wordpress enables you to produce a theme for the installation therefore it shows making use of your html/css (pretty much)

Generate an income do that is copy the default theme making alterations in there, and you can change to your brand-new theme inside your configurations.

Edit: additionally, you may also stock up wordpress on any page using:

include( '/path_to/wordpress_install/wp-load.php' );

This will help you to use wordpress functionality on any page of the site.

just edited the only.perl file by pasting the preferred web coding and departing the loop code there in which the text needed to appear. did not have to split up the page inside a header, body and footer. Omitted sidebar for the time being, and can restore it once i edit it correctly.