I will be creating a site for any client and am torn between using WordPress or Drupal. I've moderate knowledge about WordPress, rather less with Drupal.

The website will feature regular posts in the site managers, but must also allow easy posts from approved people. People can join through the site or via Facebook/Open ID. Posts would come with images, and a chance to incorporate content from YouTube, Flickr, maybe others. Posts would permit comments, which may generally be moderated.

There'd be also regions of the website that contain Nourishes, twitter/facebook integration, and somewhere in the future some possible e-commerce type stuff.

Those who is going to do your day-to-day admin work are moderately computer savvy, but haven't any real Content management systems experience.

I love the energy and extensibility of Drupal, but am worried it might be an excessive amount of complexity but likewise I'm worried that Wordpress might not be extensible enough.

Any ideas/recommendations could be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I am slightly biased because I've more understanding within the Drupal arena of things much more than Wordpress, however, given your criteria you might want to consider trading additional time into learning Drupal, particularly if you check this out project as something you need to keep growing with time.

Drupal was built like a fine-grained multi-role system where one can assign different permissions to various roles to complete various things (e.g. content editor, content rater, member, etc.) and assign customers to those roles.

Also, Drupal provides extensive modules available that simply connect and try to boost the system (most likely Drupal's finest strength). The secret is trying to puzzle out which of them for your use cases, and understanding if this will work better to construct a custom module. For the scenario, you might want to take a look at these modules:

http://drupal.org/project/twitter <--for twitter integration
http://drupal.org/project/fbconnect <-- for signing in with Facebook
http://drupal.org/project/emfield <-- for easily adding youtube, flickr to content
http://drupal.org/project/feeds <-- Feed agregation
http://drupal.org/project/ubercart <-- a completely fledged eCommerce module

Drupal comes with its learning curve, as well as for getting began, I would suggest a bestseller like: http://www.drupalbook.com for growing your understanding around the development aspect.

An application package that doesn't meet your needs will probably be more complicated than the usual software program that does. Controlling the incorrect piece if software programs are complex!

This might appear enjoy it should not matter, but exactly how strong are you currently on front-finish development? I only say this because although Drupal comes with quite a number of styles I've discovered that getting individuals styles to operate correctly with modules and custom elements is definitely an absolute nightmare. If the project will probably be handled by only you alone, I would suggest Wordpress. Besides Wordpress offer just like wide a number of extensions as Drupal (plug ins), however the html it spits out is a lot simpler to create.

Also, during my consider your experience of dealing with editorial teams both in a Wordpress and Drupal atmosphere I've discovered by using Wordpress A smaller amount of time continues to be spent troubleshooting issues for authors. Lastly, though custom user roles can't be produced in the admin interface they may be added effortlessly by writing an easy wordpress plugin.