I've got a clients site at domain.com/index.html and installed Wordpress on a single server.. I have to keep your html pages up to the Wordpress website is complete. How do i see the Wordpress site around the frontend via domain.com/index.php? Should i alter the .htaccess file? Thanks..

Install Wordpress in another directory, as stated, after which make use of a wordpress plugin like WordPress › Absolute Privacy « WordPress Plugins to limit use of individuals drenched in and switch off Nourishes. Set your Wordpress privacy options, too, to bar search bots as the website is under dev.

Possibly the easiest solution is always to install WordPress right into a /blog directory after which perform a 301 redirect in to the blog directory when you are pleased to go live.

Otherwise you are prone to encounter issues should you relabel the primary WordPress index.php file.

[UPDATE] I'd also recommend adding a robots.txt file in to the /blog directory to guarantee the WordPress data is not prematurely listed in Google, etc.

Just solutions however i could not slowly move the installation because the client been with them all setup this way. This is exactly why I desired a method to keep your index.html up while having the ability to see the index.php for development and never redirecting me towards the root when viewing.

So this is actually the solution that labored for me personally..

  1. I installed the wordpress plugin "Maintenance Mode" http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/maintenance-mode/

  2. I required the entire HTML in the index.html page and put it within the Maintenance Mode wordpress plugin template file.

  3. Triggered the wordpress plugin also it labored like no bodies business

By doing this I possibly could keep your old site up and focus on the wordpress site. When you're drenched in you can observe the entire wordpress site. When you're not drenched in your soul begin to see the "Maintenance mode" template.. Which for me personally was that old index.html site.

Thanks all!

Setup a subdomain like preview.example.com, develop there until it is the site is able to launch. You may also give a .htacess to include password protection.