Why is my "Page [0]" not centered in my webpage? may be the nearest I have found yet to the kind of problem I am getting.

The house page of my website isn't centered. Whenever you click any secondary page it'll center.

I've Researched a minimum of 100 occasions for each article on centering an internet page with CSS using several search phrases. I've even changed style.css having a freshly downloaded copy from the theme style.css file without any change.

I fixed one custom template page which was doing exactly the same factor with the addition of:

get_template_part( 'loop', 'page' );

I attempted doing by using the house page however it still didn't repair it. The house page will still not center.

The theme should be HTML5, I went it via a validator also it gives errors for that rel claims, but which should eventually be fixed once they obtain the validator up-to-date. No relevant CSS appears to be considered a problem towards the validator.

After I do obvious: left in #primary from the Layout section, it fixes the issue, however the right sidebar widget goes lower the page.

I additionally fixed the duplicate #wrapper entry which comes like a default using the Twenty Ten theme.

I do not recall getting the issue prior to the Wordpress 3.2.1 update, but on the other hand I might not have observed it.

A good example is visible live at http://www.danmctaggart.com