I'm presently writing a wordpress plugin for my client in wordpress. The problem I'm getting happens when a person clicks edit to alter an archive I don't know how you can produce the admin link to get this done.


<a href="<?php echo get_bloginfo('url'); ?>/wp-admin/admin.php?page=wpsc_product_seo_details">Edit</a>

function wpsc_product_seo_details()
    echo "<h2>Hello</h2>";

I understand my markup for that tag is most likely wrong however i only agreed to be testing. Should i register a hook to get this done.

The hook you're searching for would be to add actions towards the sidebar you will find other ways - add_options_page will increase the options menu, for instance. add_menu_page can create a brand new group that you should add your links.

Look into the documentation on adding admin menus to learn more.