I will have to get tweets from the twitter account on my small wordpress site. Okey, the fundamentals i possibly could do, but there's one special need. I will have to get only certain tweets. Tweets which have some #hashstag for instance only tweets with hashtag #myss would show on my wordpress site.

Can there be ready to use wordpress plugin with this? I've been googlein for hrs but have discovered only fundamental/normal twitter plug ins.

Also i will have to able style the feed to appear just like my current site.


There's a wordpress plugin known as :

Twitter Hash Tag Widget : A widget for exhibiting the newest twitter status updates for the hash tag. http://sivel.net/2009/06/twitter-hash-tag-widget/

Twitter tools : Twitter Tools is really a wordpress plugin that produces an entire integration involving the WordPress blog as well as your Twitter account. http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/twitter-tools

and twitter blender : Much better than Twitter's own icons - Tweet Blender is tag-aware and it has support for multiple authors, lists, hashtags, and key phrases all combined together. The wordpress plugin can display tweets from only one user or a listing of customers (as other Twitter plug ins do) however, additionally, it may show tweets for any subject which you'll define via Twitter hashtag or keyword. But there's more! Additionally, it may show tweets for multiple authors AND multiple lists AND multiple key phrases AND multiple hashtags all combined together right into a single stream. http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/tweet-blender/

Hope any one of individuals help :)

Visit http://search.twitter.com/ and go into the hashtag you would like. Then click 'Feed with this query' within the top right hands corner to obtain a URL. Adding an ordinary RSS widget for your wordpress site adding the URL you have formerly. That will work.

The twitter API is fairly proficient at carrying this out kind of factor.

You could utilize the Twitter Search API to create a url such as the following:


You can easily write some javascript to parse this.

$.getJSON('http://search.twitter.com/search.json?q=from:yourusername+AND+#hashtag&callback=?', function(data){
                $.each(data, function(index, item){
                    $('#twitter').append('<div class="tweet"><p>' + item.text.linkify() + '</p><p>' + relative_time(item.created_at) + '</p></div>');

You can very easily package this right into a wordpress wordpress plugin.