I am searching for a method to place royalty (or else) free photos rapidly in to the posts I write in Wordpress. (This picture would function as the main image for your publish, whether it makes any difference.)

  • Ideally there'd be an "place image" kind of dialog that will possess a search area.

  • Posting that search form with a few key phrases, there'd be a listing of pictures of images associated with the search query.

  • Image suggestions could originate from sites like sxc.hu, flickr.com or everystockphoto.com, showing only images which are licensed free of charge use (optionally photos that aren't licensed for commercial use might be strained out).

  • Out of this list I possibly could then choose the best photo for that publish.

  • This wordpress plugin may also place an attribution text for that image instantly.

That's, ideally. Naturally I am prepared to compromise. On the other hand, there can be better still solutions which have even softer, faster method of achieving publish image automation.

I'd should you prefer a free wordpress plugin but compensated one is going to do too. Or several plug ins.

Take a look at Zemanta. It handles all you want, also it updates automagically in line with the items in your publish.