Let me develop a wordpress plugin in which a WordPress user (or any other platform like movabletype.com) can install and publish instantly in theOrher blog and simultaneously to this site..

this really is something similar to Facebook already does... I have no idea how to start with or fi there's already any pay service i'm able to use rather... For those who have any documentation to point out i'll appreciate...

Perhaps you have checked out the Movable Type wordpress plugin known as Reblog? We make use of this wordpress plugin extensively to publish content using their company websites that's uncovered within an Feed feed.

Movable Type and Melody can perform this, for the way for you to do it. In some instances, it'd need a wordpress plugin, but when you manage both sites with Movable Type or Tune, you could have an entry on a single site show up on the primary page of some other.

Case as easy as getting that second site sign up for watching for updates towards the first's Feed. Whenever it sees an update, it sucks it lower and re-puts out it.