I am focusing on a WordPress wordpress plugin. In the admin page, I've got a ajax call that does a extended process behind. The ajax call ended using jQuery.

I can not find much choice to implement progress monitoring from ajax side. And So I made the decision to keep the progress within the user's session variable in php, then have another ajax call to evaluate that session variable in fixed interval.

But this can lead to one other issue, I do not find any suggestion to keep user session variable in wordpress. I am searching at using wordpress_cache. I am trying to not touch the db, or extensive modification to wordpress itself.

I want this as universal as you possibly can. Do you know the possibilities?

EDIT: I simply recognized that $GLOBALS does not persist to the following http call. Used to do some make sure discovered that the flag I store in $GLOBALS always totally reset itself at each call. Hmm...

Anyway, I have settle with using user_meta to keep the variable. Because the extended process is connected per user. Which should handle it.