I am a new comer to Wordpress and merely installed version 3.3.1.

Used to do some searching in regards to this question and located some solutions however they were highly relevant to version 5.7 and were 2-three years old.

Essentially, the wordpress_title function works fine on every page except home page where it returns blank and that i get no title whatsoever. I possibly could just hard code the title in but I'd rather not do this.

Guilty type of code:

<title><?php wp_title ( '| So Fresh n\' So Clean', true,'right' ); ?></title>

I could not find anything in regards to this problem happening in 3.3.1 so clearly I have done a problem.

Heres is exactly what i just read from codex

"If you work with a custom home page with custom loops and stuff, you'll have a clear wordpress_title. Here goes a neat hack to include the description/tegline in the wordpress_title put on home page:

<title><?php bloginfo('name'); ?> | <?php is_home() ? bloginfo('description') : wp_title(''); ?></title>

So me is_home() to obtain the title on home page, the actual way it is recommended in above code.