Where does $wpdb->options originate from?

I can not see $wpdb-options() function or $this->options just how is accomplished?

Okay, this is a complete clarification from the confusion I can tell here.

$wpdb is definitely an object for querying the database. The $wpdb->options rentals are basically the title from the options table within the database. It will not store nor retain the items in that table.

WordPress options (or configurations) are saved, up-to-date and browse while using functions add_option(), update_option() and get_option() correspondingly.

You may also get all options using get_alloptions().

The main reason you need to use $wpdb qualities to reference tables inside your SQL queries would be that the table prefix is user defined, and also you cannot assume most commonly it is known as 'wp_tablename'.

$wpdb->options is really a property from the object $wpdb (that is a clear case of the course wpdb).

It's value may be the title from the options table within the database, usually wp_options.

"wpdb" is class to have interaction with database. Its in "wordpress-db.php". since i'm not sure just what you're asking relating to this link may be useful for you personally.

I believe individuals are battling to know your question. Maybe provide a little more detail or context.

If you're asking in which the options initially originated from, then the reply is that they're set throughout setup as well as in the Wordpress Admin pages. They're then saved within the wordpress_options table inside your database, and retrieved in to the $wpdb->options variable that's part of the $wpdb object when Wordpress loads.

$wpdb->options is determined through wp_set_wpdb_vars() in wp-includes/load.php.

This line sets the table names using a call towards the set_prefix function:

$prefix = $wpdb->set_prefix( $table_prefix );

Hope this can help!