In WordPress MU, I have attempted writing my very own query with this but can't appear to obtain all the joins I truly need. The end result set I am searching for could be something similar to:

blog name
blog path
owner first name
owner last name

and give it back all alphabetically, by blog title. The problem I am getting would be that the first and surname of the site owner have been in wordpress_usermeta, your blog id and path have been in wordpress_blogs, and also the blog title is within wordpress_[blog id here]_options, with wordpress_usermeta needing the consumer ID from wordpress_customers.

Can you really join all this in a single query?

There's absolutely no way to mix all the information into one result set due to the way in which WPMU handles the database table names.

The very best solution I've develop is a few PHP logic that will get the blogs in the wordpress_blogs table, uses the IDs there to collect information in the wordpress_X_options tables, after which accumulates the data I want. It is the same reason there's not good method of getting a listing of all of the posts across all the blogs with only a question. You'll need after sales logic to construct the query in line with the blogs in wordpress_blogs.