For instance: where, basedir: /Customers/xxx/Documents/wspace/myappEar

using return parent directory to make use of such as this: /Customers/xxx/Documents/wspace/

To get this done i have attempted

<property name="workspace.dir" value="${basedir}\.." />

and doesn't operate in my mac os.

Any Idea what's the problem?



with vanilla ant make use of =

<property name="workspace.dir" location=".."/>

or else make use of the Ant Plugin Flaka =

<project xmlns:fl="antlib:it.haefelinger.flaka">

    working.dir => #{project.baseDir.parent}

    <!-- create property for further processing -->
    <fl:let>working.dir := project.baseDir.parent</fl:let>

  <echo>$${working.dir} = ${working.dir}</echo>