Sorry, however i attempted trying to find this subject, however i did not find associated with my problem. Lately, I purchased a domain and website hosting for this. I purchased it specifically for utilizing it for my Java projects. I've Tomcat available as server around the hosting.
My real question is: how do you make use of a located Tomcat, which, for me, it is extremely not the same as localhost (enabling you to have limitless access)?

For instance, basically produce a Spring project that appears such as this:





The index.jsp results an easy Just a test


I produced an Ant build.xml which will build the project, however when I access from it won't work, and that i only cand access the file from

Basically tried this on localhost, I'd deploy it in tomcat-path/webapps, but exactly how all of this online?

The answer would be to install Tomcat Manager Webapp to be able to deploy programs on the hosting that is shared that utilizes Tomcat as server.

When the hosting does not provide you with Tomcat Manager (as is at my situation), you are able to still pull through by asking the administrator of the hosting to configure your jk_mod file to deploy your war files.

Append wrinkles

jkMount /*.war ajp3
jkMount /* ajp3 ## I am still unsure if the managed to get work, since it makes tomcat listen around the entire public_html

But bear in mind, in case your version of Tomcat is introduced for you by cPanel's EasyApache, you'll have to cope with some issues there too - the most recent installed Tomcat is going to be 5.5.33 (a little old, right?), however you can test fine-tuning that old version and install, let us say 6.x.x
A tutorial relating to this upgrade:

http://world wide

The one thing which help me a great deal to comprehend the concepts which were envolved in fixing this issue:

http://world wide -- a program about Tomcat and cPanel

An another factor to include: Use a local version of Tomcat in your machine, first deploy it on localhost. If there it really works, it ought to be working online too.

Individuals individuals who use Spring Roo, on Tomcat 5.5.33, if you know, you can't deploy work, becase from the too old Tomcat, so you've to change your Tomcat immediately.

I really hope this helps all individuals who had difficulties like myself.