I'm a new comer to World-database attempting to publish my SUBROUTINE put together at world-database version (11.1 and 10.1.5) effectively at home windows and Linux.

Posting SUBROUTINE command


I'm using world 11.1 at home windows capable to publish my SUBROUTINE effectively.

on other hands i'm using world 10.1.5 at Linux and located following error.

Abnormal termination of World. Fault type is 11. Layer type is Unknown. Segmentation fault

what is the potential reason.

please, suggest the right solution.

That error results in a phisical error within the database .. same from the files are corrupted

U could try the comannd uvfixfile

Tks PA

I would not push the item code around from the Home windows system to some A linux systemunix. Slowly move the source code over, recompile after which catalog it around the A linux systemunix.

Dork is appropriate. Absolutely need to recompile and catalog.

Are you currently using any tools to compile and catalog (Dev Toolkit or so on). Otherwise make certain of the syntax for Fundamental and CATALOG. Using the wrong syntax they are able to give strange results.