Focusing on a wordpress administration form. I want it to visit options.php to update the database options there, however i should also populate Resource objects within other functions too. Wouldso would Time passes about doing both actions on a single submit button?

<form name=adminForm method="post" action="options.php" onsubmit="UpdateResources.php">

The above mentioned is exactly what I am presently using, but it doesn't seem like I'm really calling UpdateResources.php properly, because after i visit the output side from the script, I get null objects for which should be produced within UpdateResources.php.

take your UpdateResources.php action or function and set it inside your option.php ....

or if you are using the wordpress admin you should use the various action hook of wordpress

I wound up forcing the shape action to refresh the page, then look for Publish variables and calling php functions to do actions based from the registered Publish variables.