I want a stand out-like power grid control in MFC, do anybody have good suggestion to implement that ?] using the control i'm able to filter the information by hitting the header, it displays distinct data of current column for selection.


Codeproject's MFC Grid control is extremely popular with this task. You'll have to hack it for your own needs.

For blocking along with other more complex features you may consider purchasing BCGSuite for MFC. Here's what they are saying regarding their Power grid Control:

  • MFC Document/View integration
  • Integrated Area Chooser
  • In-place cell editing
  • Single and multiple row and cell selection
  • Printing and Print Preview
  • Filters
  • Merged cells
  • and much more

Microsoft has added areas of BGCControlBar Professional into Visual Studio 2008 because the famous "Feature Pack" (re-named all CBCG to CMFC, transformed some function names, fixed some typos), BCGSuite consists of the various components they did not target Microsoft.