I had been searching look around the spatial abilities of PostGIS or SQL Server 2008. Maybe Oracle too.

I'm wondering if you will find worthwhile lessons available going through the spatial abilities of those database particularly or of this kind of capacity generally.

Does anybody are conscious of any? Book recommendations works too.

I authored just a little blogpost about SQL Server geography data type here: SQL Server 2008 Proximity Search With The Geography Data Type

This is not a tutorial, bit it is a good comparison of the several choices, to determine the way they stack facing each other: Spatial Database Cross Compare

Try http://www.bostongis.com/

They mostly cover Postgres/PostGIS, though they discuss SQL Server also. You will find some very good good examples.

The PostGIS manual is actually good too, sections 4 and 6 particularly, though it's all worth reading through.


PostGIS again, but this book is actually very comprehensive in the coverage of spatial sql, and most of the queries will port with other dbs, particularly Oracle -- because the Postgres devs make an attempt to become compatable with Oracle syntax, where possible. It begins using the fundamentals, but a few of the later good examples are actually very advanced.


An excellent summary of SQL Server 2008 Spatial in 8 parts. Forecasts, geography / geometry, spatial SQL functions etc.


A couple of extra links and SQL good examples here - http://geographika.co.uk/sql-server-spatial-sql

You might be thinking about ESRI's ArcSDE tutorials.

Edit: Sorry... Someone said the question particulars. Which does not really answer your particular need. However, for individuals searching for an SDE tutorial which are while using ESRI items, they might find this helpful.