I've got a website, unregistered, it consists of an internet service that's designed in .internet. The relaxation from the website uses asp.internet. I wish to host the web site in IIS. Anybody knows a great website hosting company that props up above techniques? Many of them don't say clearly whether or not they support Cleaning soap, WSDL, &lifier Web Services or otherwise. Thank you for any recommendation.

Virtually all ASP.Internet web hosters will support ASP.Internet Cleaning soap web services. Unless of course you are attempting to listen on the non-standard port (i.e. a port apart from 80 or 443) you will not have problems.

Without attempting to oversimplify, but in the finish during the day ASP.Internet Cleaning soap Web Services (ASMX) are simply another kind of ASP.Internet page that HTTP request/reactions. Rather than HTML being came back it's XML.

DiscountASP.Internet enables using web services and IIS