This can be a trivial question for many, however i couldn't discover the answer myself yet.

Basically understand properly APC does a couple of things. Keep your PHP pages in byte code so that they are shipped faster. Additionally, it may cache data therefore we can query them faster.

I am thinking about the byte code feature, which basically understand properly comes automatically. I does not need to modify my code much with this to operate.

My real question is this: Our website is really a social networking site and our PHP pages are highly dynamic. They are influenced by many factors when they are known as.

Would we still take advantage of using APC?

Thanks, Haluk

Yes that's exactly the kind of situation that APC is effective in (even though it benefits all kinds of pages). It's basically a "compiler" for PHP code.

Unless of course the PHP code behind is altering more frequently compared to page is loaded (I do not believe that would EVER happen), APC may benefit you.

For just about any static pages (or static areas of pages), you might like to consider caching the output to files around the system. This way, when you really need to show that component, rather than running PHP code you can easily offer the cached HTML.

It will not work very well for that dynamic areas of your site, unless of course you cache them individually, however, you will enjoy the bytecode cache with no changes for your code

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