Because this does not touch a genuine problem of mine I am somwhat uncertain, if it's even worth to become requested here. However maybe a number of you want to share your opinion on that.

Generally I must admit, that 'better' means anything and absolutely nothing whatsoever simultaneously. And So I most likely ought to be more specific, however i attempted to not overflow the subject. Inside a regular located atmosphere on a single of individuals cheap webhosters (like Dreamhost), with around 1000 articles in Joomla, a few customers along with a couple of 100s site visitors each day, would a SQLite database having a persistent connection (sqlite_popen) perform noticeable faster compared to MySQL equivalent (using the TCP/IP overhead etc.)?

Or in a nutshell: Will it be smart to call Joomla to aid SQLite?

I have not used sqlite online, but I have tried personally it extensively for other reasons and that i that can compare with it. The simple truth is, you will not know until you try. By trying, I reccomend developing a db abstraction layer first to ensure that it is simple to swap in other db's.

The down-side to sqlite is the fact that it isn't really intended to be a multi user database. Should you rarely email the db, but do plenty of reading through, sqlite will most likely be fine. In the event that you'll need multiple processes conntacting exactly the same db, In my opinion sqlite uses file level securing to keep database consistency.. So, if all you are tables have been in exactly the same file, you'll lock the entire file while it's being written to even when another process really wants to modify a totally different table.

For me it isn't the large multi user databases around the globe that needs to be concerned about competition from sqlite... It's all regulated the standard files available (there custom file formats) that programs create and employ that needs to be trembling within their boots about sqlite...

Linux ISPs for reasons uknown appear to possess chosen MySQL. This is exactly what they provide and you'll lock you to ultimately a restricted quantity of service companies should you wander outdoors standard.