I must solve my issues with domain

  • place where I'm able to store my git databases
  • place where I'm able to deploy my Java, (python, php) programs
  • place where I've my jabber, mail, silc by myself domain

I do not have sufficient technical understanding to operate my very own server, I must use someone else solution but starting as low as possible. Can there be cloud solution with one of these abilities? It is possible to trustworthy, cheap server provider? Or would you use many solutions like - gmail, github, aws/gae, etc?

Finding all you need in one location is rather unlikely. I typically use Google Applications for email and paperwork (additionally they support jabber), then use other services like GitHub for Git hosting where needed. Deployment varies by project, truly includes AppEngine, Heroku, SliceHost, or EC2.

I'd advise that you will get acquainted with a couple of services and have a look. In case your experience is anything like mine, you'll choose services you want (and may afford).