Something similar to Google Code or SourceForge, however for closed source projects and access management.

Found links to those 3 on the forum:

Anybody had any knowledge about them?

Edit: Assembla no more provides free, private accounts.

I've moved my project to Unfuddle, which supplies free private SVN hosting.

As was pointed out earlier, Assembla provides SVN hosting, in addition to project management software tools (bug monitoring/feature demands, etc). The project I'm hosting it for would be a good fit for three reasons:

  • Project could be marked private - my website is closed source
  • Bug Monitoring integration with SVN - I'm able to really track which commit fixed which problem
  • Free - this can be a hobby project! I'd rather not pay! (If you're a bowler, take a look)

Either Assembla or Unfuddle.

Dreamhost provides fairly cheap hosting and includes SVN support (and i believe Resumes) with every account. You may create the repository as public or private therefore it should meet your requirements. Also, while you might have a complete linux host, you'd also have the ability to host other activities much like your bug management, etc there.

If you are searching for a totally free, private repository, opt for Unfuddle.

Assembla is no longer an answer for any private or closed source project.

if you're just doing the work in your own team and therefore are not inside a spread team, then will it be possible to setup your personal Subversion or Resumes server (I would suggest Subversion from both of these). Both are free, and all sorts of it might take is a tiny bit of time for you to set them up. There's lots of help around too.

I wasn't too sure precisely what you meant by project hosting website, but following within the fashion of the aforementioned solutions, if you're searching for source code control, then something local may suit you best for learning because you will have full treatments for it, and may wipe it if you need while you 'play' to learn to utilize it.

Best of luck

You can test BeanStalk the industry located SVN and may be built-into Lighthouse the industry project management software/bug monitoring tool.

Both of them are internet based so may be used all over the world and BeanStalk may be used along with you favourite SVN client for example Tortoise Svn.

I suggest Assembla. It's several tools to be used including repository controls and browsers for SVN, Mercurial, and Git. It features a wiki tool, persistant chat, milestone and ticket that may be designated to people from the team. Additionally, it has 200MB of storage free of charge. Upgrades for additional storage and tools can be found.

Assembla is no more supporting free spaces for closed source projects. As a substitute, I suggest Unfuddle, that has 200MB of storage free of charge, bug monitoring, key events, along with a private repository, however with the restriction that only a couple can function around the project.

However, Assembla and Unfuddle both support private databases for individuals that are prepared to pay, if you are looking at going that route.