I truly take some help here.

I am who owns a SQL Server Database application that lost 72 hours data! I can not know how or why.

So this is actually the set-up.

  • SQL Server 2005 32bit standard edition database on Home windows 2000 server. (Database B)

  • Database is within simple recovery mode

  • The database is connected like a customer to a different database(SQL Server 2005 64bit enterprise edition on Win2k3 enterprise) using SQL Server continuous Merge Replication. (Database A)

DatabaseB was restarted on evening X included in scheduled reboot. Once the database returned up it had been used normally for a few days and data was produced in it perfectly fine.

However yesterday Day X + 4 it lost lots of data.

Database B is on the server with another demonstration of SQL Server plus they both began to exhaust memory(conflicting with one another).

This is actually the sequence of occasions in the event log after i think this happened.

AppDomain 2 (DatabaseB.dbo[runtime].1) is marked for unload due to memory pressure. 

AppDomain 2 (DatabaseB.dbo[runtime].1) unloaded. 

The simple recovery model should be used to automatically truncate the transaction log. (on DatabaseB)

AppDomain 3 (DatabaseB.dbo[runtime].2) created.

I understand the information is missing due to my audit logs which a person had taken a screen shot of a few of the data prior to being erased.

Here is my dilema...how could this have happened?

Just how can a few days data wander off from DatabaseB?? (it subsequently is missing in the publication db also!)

Did the truncate using the Appdomain lower make the data to become flushed in the log?

Every ideas considered. If anybody needs more data I'm able to add it.


This is not the solution you need to hear, but the bottom line is, SQL Server does not "lose" data. Someone erased it. Should you have had the database entirely recovery mode, you could utilize an item like Mission LiteSpeed to see the logs and identify just how it had been erased, however in simple mode...sorry, mister, but you are at a complete loss.

Merge replication is implemented with triggers, therefore it does not need full recovery. Is it feasible that somebody disabled all triggers within the db? it's very easy to complete DISABLE TRIGGER [database] This could a minimum of take into account the customer losing data.

Individuals appdomain lines within the log don't imply that much, it is the SQL CLR suggesting its unloading devices to release some memory. &lifier then reloading them afterwards.

Truncating the log removes inactive parts which have been devoted to disk, getting the recovery model set to simple means there is no reason for truncating the log, because the message indicates.

None of the describes why data went missing on the servers though. There needs to be another thing that triggered this.

How have you verify that for that 4 days when everything was 'created perfectly fine' it really was? have you got backup copies from nowadays? are you able to see records as time passes stamps from individuals days?

Is it feasible there is a ghost within the machine that did a restore without suggesting?