I wish to develop a credit card applicatoin for android which will enable user1 to input locations. after which with different user2 location that user2 locations will update.

An amount be the easiest method to store this data, holding it on the server?

then what will be the easiest way for that user2 listing of locations to become up-to-date. Would the server go ahead and take buddies gps navigation location after which with different certain radius return a listing of locations from user1.

This will have the ability to work with multiple customers. Do everyone have idea's (or perhaps is my idea ok).

Wouldso would time passes about carrying this out programmatically, i am talking about wouldso would i communicate with server and also the android application.

My suggestion would be to keep the majority of the information on the internet server and just moving the information that you need around the cell phone so as not to overload the small precious memory the phone has. The communication could be completed using Cleaning soap messages that is kind of the conventional way or likewise try Relaxation web services.