I've got a Microsoft Access 2010 database(*). Now, using Visual Studio 2010, I wish to produce a WPF application and add the database like a databases. The application may have a window having a frame that delivers navigation through pages. Not a problem to date. But:

-What's the proper way to setup the database within this scenario? Tables only? Or must everything go via queries? (VS2010 discusses sights that we assume (?) are queries)

-Database data should be updatable and records could be added. Some associations undergo link tables (many-to-many) and you will find nullable foreign key associations. Can I take manual making it work?

-While adding the information source VS2010 produced an xsd from the Access database. I believe the xsd may need further fine-tuning for that application to operate the proper way. Let's say I change my Access database design, I'd need to regenerate the xsd again too. Is right, and it is it the actual way it is generally done? OR, must i allow the original Access database go and provide the applying the capacity to produce new empty databases?

-How can you provide controls inside a page to step with the records inside a table? It is possible to special database control?

-What's the way (WPF class?) to load records in to the data context that shows inside a page? (Only at that level it most likely is not important which kind of databases it's.)

(*) Just one user desktop database

This isn't the precise response to the question. But an alternate.

Just one user desktop database???

You are able to better do this highly efficient combination:

It's also wise to have a look at ObservableCollection, DataBinding and DataGrid in WPF toolkit