I am utilizing a WSIF plan to serialize/deserialize webservice types. All of this works perfectly fine as i have of my webservice types within the same jar because the webservice. However, I am trying to branch from the project file into separate jars. These jars are loaded utilizing a classLoader according to configurations within an XML configuration file. The classLoader is effective and that i can access all the classes within it with no trouble (loading all of them with Class.forName(title, initialize, classLoader)). However, the WSIFService eventually ends up failing and that i obtain the error: org.xml.sax.SAXException: Deserializing parameter 'TestingResult': couldn't find deserializer for type TestingReturnValue. Basically re-add my dynamically loaded jar towards the classPath this works fine.

I have attempted while using WSIFServiceFactory call: public abstract WSIFService getService(String wsdlLoc, ClassLoader cl, String serviceNS, String serviceName, String portTypeNS, String portTypeName) throws WSIFException however it does not appear to assist.

Any suggestions how I the WSIF service will find my dynamically loaded java types?