I have been developing a XML Expensive Slide carousel for this site in AS2 in Expensive. I have handled to have it working, the symbols are images specified by the XML file, in addition to links to click each icon which result in an exterior site.

My issue is, after i embed this same Expensive file into Joomla, it does not display, it simply leaves an area where that object ought to be (an area of 650 x 400 pixels). After I right click this space, you receive the typical 'About Adobe Expensive Player 10' message you receive whenever you right click any Expensive file.

This really is clearly a XML problem as opposed to a Expensive problem since the Expensive can there be nevertheless its not exhibiting anything since it can't browse the file to obtain the symbols to show them.

Can there be anyone who can sort out this? It is possible to common factor with Joomla in which you can't use XML with Expensive or XML with Joomla whatsoever?

Only for your reference, I have place the entire Slide carousel within the images/tales folder during my file structure.

We do hope you might help,



This seems like a crossdomain problem. 1. What's the URL within the browser for your site. 2. What it really the URL you have coded to your expensive file to download the XML.

If they're not within the same domain you're going to get issues. eg. You decide to go www.mysite.com/filewithflash.html expensive file loads mysite2.com/xml.xml (note no www). Or file is loading form another domain.

Use www.getcharles.com the industry java application, it will highlight all of the files which are being loaded and why the expensive isn't working (I suppose its searching for the incorrect file).