I've XML files which have nodes with formatted HTML. I'm attempting to print the html contents towards the page but velocity is draining the HTML tags.

How can you I print html content saved within an XML file using velocity?

XML File

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
  <heading>This is a Title</heading>
      <h1>this is formatted html</h1>
      <p>content I want <b>to</b> <em>show</em> on my page

Velocity Code

#set ($html = $contentRoot.getChild('main').getChild('content'))

note: this really is my very first time ever while using velocity engine

Velocity does not strip anything out. If you possess the right event handlers set up you might have Velocity escape html output (that we don't believe you would like). But there's no support in Velocity for draining anything out.

What output are you currently really getting? Are you currently utilizing a framework or Content management systems that's setting up Velocity for you personally? Maybe it's another thing that's "draining the html tags".