I'm getting trouble getting apache for everyone personal files with the XSendFile when it's inside a directory mounted with samba.

To provide just a little background: I've got a Ruby on Rails application that's gradually changing an ASP.Internet application, and that i get it running on the linux server running apache2 and passenger. The Home windows machine that's running the ASP.Internet code is discussing an upload directory which i have mounted via Samba.

Whenever I attempt to transmit personal files while using X_SENDFILE header I recieve this during my apache server logs:

Partial answers are valid but processing is incomplete: xsendfile: not able to stat file: /path/to/file

however when I by hand key in: stat /path/to/file it'll produce file statistics. I understand the file can there be. (I've also attempted this after signing in because the user apache runs under) The file permissions so far as I will tell are correct.

Can there be some type of problem with apache's XSendFile and files over an SMB share?

maybe files/permissions problem (as user x, you can't access y). You could attempt carrying out a chmod a+rwx onto it...

I monitored it lower. Sometimes you just need someone top explain the apparent!

I've the samba share installed on /mnt/winbox-uploads It had been mounted with: dir_mode=0777,file_mode=0777 (for testing) and so i assumed the permissions were available. However, after checking the permissions around the /mnt/winbox-uploads directory, I saw that they are: drwxrwx---. Which essentially meant, when I wasn't the dog owner, or group, I am unable to even go into the directory.


Samba mounts don't really have a similar permissions that you will get on the really unix like file system. Keep in mind that samba was mainly created for Unix system -> home windows client not home windows server -> unix client. Instructions like chmod etc fail to work perfectly.

Then next problem is the fact that ruby is extremely not having faith in of filesystems. Whether it feels the smallest bit uncomfortable about being able to access personal files it surrenders. I've some rails applications running from an nfs share that utilizes acls and never unix file permissions and they'll not run unless of course Time passes back and provide set customers or groups on tmp, log, etc as ruby doesn't even try to check out really to gain access to the file if it doesn't see user/group permissions despite the fact that it will likely be effective since you will find acl's.

To have an answer try cloning within the files hand strikes the rails application is running on.