I've just inherited a Joomla site to complete some basis tidying on it. Among the simple factor i wish to do is take away the pipe (left border) in the first element simply by using a category to handle that. The problem may be the YooMenu used does not appear to wish to use them. PHP isn't my first language however i am comfortable with it, nevertheless its strange because the code here will get performed, and also you see for the foremost and last element they obtain the new attribute:

    if ($node->name() == 'ul') {    
            //...code removed for brevity
    // set order/first/last for li
    $count = count($node->children());
    foreach ($node->children() as $i => $child) {
        if ($i == 0) $child->addAttribute('first', 1);
        if ($i == $count - 1) $child->addAttribute('last', 1);
        $child->addAttribute('order', $i + 1);
    //...code removed for brevity

However when the 2nd bit will get run, the characteristics are no more there, therefore the courses are not receiving applied:

    // set item styling
if ($node->name() == 'li') {

    $item        = $menu->getItem($node->attributes('id'));
    $item_params = new JParameter($item->params);
    $sfx_params  = new YOOTemplateParameter($params->get('class_sfx')); 
    $page_params = new YOOTemplateParameter($item_params->get('pageclass_sfx'));        
    $level       = $node->attributes('level') - $params->get('startLevel');
    $images      = $sfx_params->get('images') != 'off';
    $color       = $page_params->get('itemcolor', '');
    $css         = 'level' . $level . ' item' . $node->attributes('order');
    $span_css    = '';

    if ($color) $css .= ' '.$color;
    if ($node->attributes('first')) $css .= ' first';
    if ($node->attributes('last')) $css .= ' last';
            //...rest of code omitted for brevity

And so i am really unsure what's the problem and wondered if anybody has ever endured exactly the same problem and located a method to repair it?

If anybody may help that might be great :)


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