i've following menu structure and taking advantage of the conventional menu joomla module:

menu top items: home, techniques 

menu main items: home, about

menu techniques items: tech1, tech2, ...

e.g. after i click on the home top food selection, the house top food selection and also the home sub food selection are proven as active. i wish to have a similar behavior for that other menu occasions. for example, once the sub item tech1 is clicked on, tech1 and methods ought to be marked as active. can one achieve transpire using the standard joomla modules or is it more beneficial to make use of another extension?

for any demo visit this site: http://www.karl-poecher.at

i am using joomla 1.6

e.g., when cklicking 'Segmentmassage' the very best food selection 'Technicken' ought to be active.

Yes, however it seems where you need to highlight is incorporated in the breadcrumb component. Short response is no, however, you could rather result in the menu techniques products sub products of the primary menu after which restructure the way the output looks with CSS accordingly.