Wondering what's the best or most widely used database client tool. Much like Microsoft's SQL management studio, but one that will use various databases. Other tools I've discovered are:

A few of these tools may even compare and sync database schema's plus some cases the information itself too. Very helpful when implementing programs for instance from the pre-production atmosphere to production atmosphere.

So what's your favourite database manager ? Maybe there's a pleasant free tool available that's well rounded most abundant in helpful features.

SQuirreL SQL

  • Free
  • Works together with many databases

SQL Developer is great for Oracle and it has plug ins for many other databases.


If your're using MS Sql Server, use LinqPad it's a lot more lightweight compared to Management Studio, and you will be practicing writing queries in linq meanwhile too.

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SqlDbx - www.sqldbx.com - includes a free edition, is portable and works together with a number of dbs.

Also AnySQL Maestro - http://www.sqlmaestro.com/items/anysql/maestro/

DbVisualizer - there is a free version with a little limited functionality along with a fully fledged one for $149.

I personally use Navicat myself. It supports MySQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle.

I personally use PL/SQL Developer, the moment I must focus on an Oracle Database. I love the UI, quick and easy.

SQLyog for MySQL.

TOAD when ever I labored with Oracle.

I am using Aqua Data Studio for several years now which is probably the most valuable of my tools - see Aquafold

Eclipse Data Tools Platform within Eclipse (my primary IDE):

  • Free, works together with many databases
  • Do all of the fundamentals plus some advanced stuff. In recent versions you'll find some type of visual query builder too.
  • Oracle includes a wordpress plugin where implemented some Oracle-specific functions.

I favor...

  • PL/SQL Developer for Oracle
  • The built-in tool for MSSQL
  • The built-in tool for DB2

RazorSQL - it really works with virtually any database you are able to think about.

Any comments on LyteRAD? Not really a pure database management tool, but great for creating and prototyping db applications rapidly.

I have used Query Express and it is great since it is really a stand alone 100 KB file, no installation needed. It only does querying but it is fast and free.