I simply got around to setting up mod_deflate on my small server. I additionally added the next to this site Optimizer in cPanel:

text/html text/plain text/xml text/css text/js text/javascript

Now, the website shows considerable improvement in loading time (almost 3x!), but ySlow continues to be giving me an "E" rating for "Compress Components with gZip". It shows 4 .js components not Compressed.

However , the entire website except the .JS components has been gZipped correctly. Anything else, such as the inline javascript, HTML along with other MIME types happen to be Compressed. I have not added almost anything to the htaccess, since i have think Website Optimizer takes proper care of it. But I am still unable to evaluate which the issue is?

Any ideas?



Perhaps you have checked what MIME type the JavaScript has been offered as? You listed text/javascript within the listing of types to gzip, but sometimes JavaScript is not offered under that MIME types might be offered under text/ecmascript, application/x-javascript, or may be obtaining a default type like text/plain. Browsers don't generally care what kind is distributed within the Content-Type, as it is the kind indexed by the <script> tag they give consideration to, therefore the content type for the JavaScript files may be something odd.

Bingo! Recognized what the issue is. For other people who appears to become facing exactly the same problem:

text/javascript MIME is obsolete. Transformed it to application/javascript and delay pills work live a charm! :)