I've learned how to produce a simple website using the Zend Framework. Now suppose I wish to use it some website hosting server. During my ZF project, I've got a folder named public, which I wish to appear because the cause of the URL. I would like my website to become visible and accessible as

http://world wide web.mysite.com

while being offered from the page like /public/index.phtml or similar.

How's this done?

If you would like domain like world wide web.mysite.com, u must buy somewhere one (for instance ovh.org), there's not free *.com domain. Next u could direct domain for your host computer (nice free hosting: 60free.ovh.org). There's PHP obviously, and so i think you can install Zend there.

You need to place the public_html files you are using with Zend_Framework within the root folder of the host. The host server provides you with a folder which is the main for your domain, place in there and you'll not have access to /public/index.phtml before your domain title.

Do you have a hosting server or are you currently searching for one?

Usually you are able to achieve your ultimate goal using the tools supplied by your host company, some permit you to alter the directory that http://world wide web.yoursite.com is server, set that to /public and you're simply done.

It is dependent around the provider.

You will need to deploy the whole Zend Framework directory structure towards the host you finish up using. Inside your Zend Framework directory structure, you've your public directory. Ezinearticles will have to be the one which your internet server examines as the document root. The setup with this is most likely different according to which host you utilize. Many will have web connects yet others will pressure you to definitely edit an httpd.conf file.

I am using Rackspace for the site and also the default web location is /var/world wide web/html/. We have used the whole site here therefore we possess the following sites: /var/world wide web/html/application /var/world wide web/html/library /var/world wide web/html/public /var/world wide web/html/scripts

Then we needed to change our Apache config to suggest to /var/world wide web/html/public rather than /var/world wide web/html.