Lately, I migrated my Zend framework project to a different computer.

After I load an specific action on browser, it takes approximately ten seconds to complete. Next, I only begin to see the connected view script. Design isn't displayed. Other actions load all right. This course of action includes a form and, also, loads jQuery library.

You will find no error messages anywhere (browser, logs).

I looked Apache/PHP configuration but I didn't find anything relevant.

Any clue?


I discovered the problem originates from Zend_Form_Element_Captcha. Leaving comments its declaration in the form's init method, everything works fine.


I finally found the origin from the problem. I digged into ZF code and located @iconv_strlen inside Zend_Text_Figlet's render method that was lasting forever (as well as didn't display any errors).

Next, I looked during my php.ini configuration files to determine variations associated with iconv between the one which works and the one which does not. The only real difference is really a configure command. The one which doesn't work has: --with-iconv-dir=/Applications/MAMP/Library

Next, I discovered an helpful publish here at stackoverflow that described everything. It works out that MAMP (PHP version 5.3) includes a related bug. So, my option would be downgrade to MAMP with PHP version 5.2