We are around the mid-tier DV Rage server on media temple using Zend Framework, and we have been getting QoS alerts in Virtuzzo pretty consistantly. We have spent the final week setting up APC (fine-tuning that to dying), mysql and apache tweaks (many suggested by Media Temple), front-end gzip, Zend_View caching, and each optimisation technique suggested within the Zend manual. At this time, I believe we have become over our kmemsize issues mostly, but we're still getting tcpsndbuf alerts and that i honestly have no idea what related to individuals. Our visitors are around 1000 uniques each day and I am getting a difficult time thinking that people can't support that. MT appears to become type of "stingy" using the memory and in the end the work optimizing, the solution appears to become "increase the memory/upgrade"

  1. Must we just stop "playing server" and begin suggesting actual devoted servers for the clients?
  2. Does anybody have recommendations regarding just how much memory we have to be managing a Zend Framework-based site...presuming our current of "1GB of devoted RAM" (what it really states within the marketing)?

I understand this can be a lot to request, but we are at our wits finish and we are more "code" than "server" people (so apologies ahead of time if any one of this seemed stupid). :)

Edit. Ok, so in our 512MBs, (mt) has allotted 13MB to kmemsize. Is absurdly low? I seem like it's.

Answer: switch hosting.